Mark led a design seminar in my showroom for which we had over 60 guests in attendance. Mark has a unique design philosophy and provided a very interesting discussion on his design principles. His discussion was very engaging and elicited many questions throughout. Overall, it turned out to be a fantastic seminar.


Course Description:

Have you ever thought something was beautiful and it felt just right, but couldn’t articulate why? In this intriguing, ‘I wish I had known this years ago‘ presentation, secrets will be revealed showing how the Golden Proportion and Fibonacci numbers are the basis for masterpieces in art and architecture. This program brings to life how nature and your own body influence design.

By observing ‘Geometry in Nature’ with the time-tested masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci and Frank Lloyd Wright, we create designs with superior aesthetic appeal and imbued with that timeless quality. Be fascinated by the Golden Proportion/Fibonacci numbers found in everything from your finger, a pretty face, pineapples, the Taj Mahal, Notre Dame and many others.

Proportion expert Mark Rosenhaus, with 37 years in the kitchen and bath industry, celebrates this elementary geometry with his enlightening seminar. The goal of this presentation is to energize your innate intuition and add vitality and movement to more creative designs that sell.

Learning Objective: Golden Proportion

  1. Learn how the 62% Golden Proportion, based on the Fibonacci Numbers, reveals the geometry of nature to create the balance and forms considered the standard of beautiful design.
  2. Be fascinated by proportions found everywhere from the microscopic to telescopic, including everyday items, a stair step, a seashell, Saturn and masterpieces of ancient and modern art and architecture.
  3. Attendees will learn to calculate the Golden Proportions. Using real numbers, not just history and theory, create superior aesthetic designs that are true works of art, imbued with that timeless quality, while furthering kitchen and architectural design and setting you apart from the competition.

Attendees will draw Golden Proportion designs in either: architecture, interior spaces or kitchens. In addition, designers are encouraged to bring works-in-progress or recent projects as part of an interactive class review and discussion where the principles may have been used intuitively or where an enhancement is available.

The goal is to provide a working knowledge of proportions beyond merely a fascination with the presentation.

CEU Program timing

This is a live presentation with slides.
Golden Proportion 1 hour presentation. This may be alone or as the lead-in to the workshop.
Workshop 1 hour; Discussion/Review 1 hour. These work together.
Time is flexible based on the number of attendees.

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